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INTERVIEW: Curt Pires on WYRD and the downside of immortality

Ahead of the debut of the Dark Horse miniseries, we talk with the series writer about what makes Pitor Wyrd tick.

“James Bond meets The X-Files” in Pires and Fuso’s WYRD

Pitor Wyrd has a very specific set of skills.

Sebela, Pires, Ferrier, & More Join Forces to Launch Two-Headed Press

Today, a number of indie comics creators including Ed Brisson, Ryan Ferrier, Tini Howard, Curt Pires, Fabian Rangel Jr., and Chris Sebela announced the launch of...

Emerald City news round-up: 10 new titles from Dark Horse, Mouse...

Here's a quick round-up of new projects from Boom, IDW, Dark Horse and Valiant, including new stuff by Eric Powell, David Petersen, Jen Wang, and many many more.

The Beat’s Annual Survey 2015, Part Four: “Grandpa Con versus In-name-only-Con”

More thoughts on the future of comics, the intersection of media, conventions and just sitting at a table drawing, by folks ranging from publishers to creators to journalists.  What will 2015 bring? Surprises, like yesterday IDW/Top Shelf deal, which no one saw coming.

Preview: POP #1 by Pires and Copland, a stylish thriller with...

Among the selling points of this news mini-series from Dark Horse is that it's "creator owned." It's also got a nice throwback look, with...