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Brandon Schatz and Danica LeBlanc are the owners of Variant Edition Comics + Culture located in Edmonton, Alberta. They specialize in matching people with the comics and books they never knew they wanted. In their spare time, they write articles and produce podcasts at Submetropolitan.com

The Coronavirus Journal: DC, Diamond, and Direct Market Destruction

A discussion about where the industry was, where it is, and how Diamond Comics destroyed itself.

The Coronavirus Journal: The Death & Rebirth of Print Single Issues

The 20 page single issue isn't long for this world, and we have to evolve or die.

The Coronavirus Journal: Alternative Distribution Will Help Us Survive

DC made a good choice in moving away from Diamond.

The Coronavirus Journal: The Death of the Direct Market

The direct market has been dying for years. Will this be the end?

The Retailer’s View // The Rise of the Modern Speculator

How speculation never went away, and why we might be doomed to keep repeating history forever.

AVENGERS: DAMAGE CONTROL puts you right in the action

So you say you want to explode a bunch of robots with your hands?

The Retailer’s View // The Revenge of The Walking Dead

The end of The Walking Dead has brought a lot of anxiety to the comic industry — but why?

The Retailer’s View: The Problem With Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is great... but does it more to harm the industry than help?

The Beat Presents: An Overly Simplified Guide to WrestleMania

What are you gonna do when social media runs wild on you during WrestleMania Sunday? Turn to our handy guide for help.

The Retailer’s View // Thank You, Next

The old ways of the comics industry are dying. And it is about time.

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