With the Fall 2018 issue of the Park Slope Reader this past October has come a new installment of the beautifully drawn, historically-tinged, fantasy mystery Tales of the Night Watchman: The Ghost Train. The Night Watchman returns with the hard work of writer Dave Kelly, artist Simon Fraser, colorist Gary Caldwell…

The story of the phantom Malbone train continues as the baristas begin tracking down this elusive midnight terror. Check out the quarterly publication at any Park Slope neighborhood coffee shop and find out what happens next as the Watchman and his entourage investigate!

This is the final issue for 2018, so read up and get ready for January 2019 when the Park Slope Reader returns with the next part of the Night Watchman’s latest case!

So What? Press can be found this Sunday, November 11th at Comic Arts Brooklyn table S5. PLUS! On November 15th at Brooklyn’s Vinyl Fantasy, Dave Kelly (Tales of the Night Watchman) and Simon Fraser (Kingsman) will be doing a live reading of The Ghost Train at Panels to the People event from 7pm to 9pm. Stop by and engage with these unique and fun creators! (Click The image below to check out the Facebook event page for further details…)