There are a lot of bad trailers in the blockbuster sphere, the first Batman v Superman trailer was not a strong start, and every Fantastic Four trailer made that film look utterly unappealing. But this takes the cake in my eyes.

I realize the source material was no great shakes, but at least it’s fun in a cheeseball way. Where the heck are the giant robots? Wasn’t that the only reason to watch that show in the first place?? It certainly wasn’t sub-Breakfast Club teenage angst.

Power Rangers opens in March.




  1. I already predict bomb. This is Jem all over again. Seriously this isn’t substance or style, it’s just there

  2. What is the audience for this? I assume it’s people who were children in the ’90s and have a nostalgic affection for Power Rangers. I’m not in that group, but my nephews are. Maybe they’ll see it.

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