Kate Kane’s television story will continue in her own series. Following the character’s first appearance in the most recent Arrowverse crossover, THR reports that the CW has ordered Batwoman to series. The series will star Ruby Rose as the titular character, Rachel Skarsten as the villain called Alice, and Dougray Scott as Kate’s father, Jacob Kane.
In addition, The CW has also premiered the first teaser for the forthcoming Batwoman series:

The announcement of a series pickup for Batwoman isn’t a huge surprise, given comments made by network president Mark Pedowitz at the TCAs back in February. The series will likely act as a fairly decent replacement, at least in tone, for Arrow, which is ending next fall following an abbreviated final season.
Additionally, The CW has also ordered Katy Keene to series. The show is a spinoff of Riverdale set a few years in the future, and stars Lucy Hale as Katy Keene. Ashleigh Murray, who plays Josie McCoy on Riverdale, will leave the main series to co-star on Katy Keene (which is nice, because Josie never really had much to do on Riverdale).
As THR notes, the pick-ups for the two new series brings producer Greg Berlanti’s total number of active television projects up to a whopping seventeen shows across multiple networks and platforms.
No debut dates for either Batwoman or Katy Keene have yet been announced.


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