The Crisis on Infinite Earths reveals keep coming. Following this week’s episodes of The Flash and Arrow, which heavily featured an anti-matter wave that will destroy all positive matter in its path, The CW has released, via EW, a first-look photo at the big bad of the forthcoming crossover, the Anti-Monitor.

LaMonica Garrett as The Anti-Monitor

Actor LaMonica Garrett, who also plays The Monitor, will appear as the villain. The look of the Anti-Monitor appears to be a combination of the Monitor costume with the original George Pérez-designed appearance of the Anti-Monitor as he first appeared fully in the pages of Crisis on Infinite Earths #6:

Crisis on Infinite Earths #6, Page 1

(The more frequently-used appearance of The Anti-Monitor, encased in a blue and orange suit of armor, came after Supergirl destroyed his original shell in a battle that led to her death in Crisis #7.)

The image of the Anti-Monitor joins other first-look images that The CW has released for Crisis-specific characters Pariah (Tom Cavanagh) and Harbinger (Audrey Marie Anderson).

This design for the Anti-Monitor may not be as imposing as those featured in the original comics, but it’s certainly creepy, and does a nice job melding the Arrowverse costume sensibility with Pérez’s original designs.

Check out even more Crisis-related images and news here. The Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover begins on Sunday, December 8th, on The CW.