When The Boys was released in 2006 (first by Wildstorm before moving to Dynamite), writer/creator Garth Ennis claimed it would “out-Preacher Preacher.” For anyone who read the entire series run, you know he wasn’t exaggerating. With art by Darick Robertson, the series focused on what happens when the superheroes we all worship and adore abuse their power and status. The series revealed how easily these powered individuals could disregard and disrespect people, property, and even each other. That’s where Billy Butcher and his team come in.
Ennis and Robertson demonstrate this corruption with honest, in-your-face pages filled with filthy language, graphic violence, and a whole bunch of gratuitous sex scenes. The Boys on Prime Video starring Karl Urban (Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings) as Butcher promises to adhere to the book’s extreme imagery as seen in the new uncensored “Spank” teaser trailer here:

The Boys premiers on Amazon Prime Video on July 26. If you are looking to catch up on The Boys comics, head over to Dynamite.