Hot on the heels of today’s first trailer for Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, Amazon has released a trailer for their upcoming adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys. Series executive producer Seth Rogen tweeted the NSFW video earlier this morning:

“Based on one of my favorite comics of all time,” Rogen wrote, “I’m proud to have helped bring #TheBoys to life.” The actor and producer is clearly a fan of writer Garth Ennis’s work, having also helped adapt his and Steve Dillon’s Preacher for television.

The Boys, which debuts on Amazon Prime later this year, follows a titularly-named shadowy team of superpowered individuals as they police the behavior of a superhero community that has bought into and been corrupted by their celebrity status in society. Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, and Elisabeth Shue are among the stars of the series.

It’s always a little hard to gauge how something looks based on these quick-cut trailers, but there’s definitely some crazy stuff going on (what’s with that dolphin?), and some brief shots of superheroes doing decidedly unheroic things. I’ve honestly never read Ennis and Robertson’s series, but this trailer kind of makes me want to check it out.

The Boys debuts on Amazon Prime later this year.


  1. Actually looks good. It’s funny, having this and Watchmen coming out near the same time.

    Say this for the streaming services, they’re good at getting older name-actors on screens again. It’ll be good/interesting to see Elisabeth Shue (though I kind of dread the role she might play in this, come to think

  2. The trailer makes me want to hope, but with Rogan involved, i fear another Preacher-like adaptation…which was fine for non-fans of the comic, but for fans of the comic was…difficult to view.

  3. I agree with the two above commentators. I think the reason the JJ Trek universe seems to be dead is because we didn’t get enough nudity. Think about how powerful Kirk’s death would’ve been in Into Darkness if Kirk’s pants had been torn up enough from the conflict that we saw his phallus. Plus we all wanted to see Benedict Cumberbatch’s phallus, and the scene where he’s in the brig could’ve had a brief, but lingering, shot of Khan’s phallus. I know most readers will agree with me that seeing Quinto’s phallus in Beyond would’ve brought that movie from a B+ to a solid A. And while the 2009 Star Trek movie is already great, imagine seeing Captain Pike’s phallus when he’s getting interrogated by the Romulans.

  4. As “The Boys” demonstrated, if you want your comic to be regarded as “adult,” show as many penises and vaginas as possible. And, of course, all female characters have to bare their boobs in every issue. An issue-long poolside orgy will help in that department.

    Also: Be sure to use the word “fuck” on every page. Fans will regard your comic as truly adult, serious and important.

    Just imagine, if this advice were followed by Hollywood, we’d get to see Chris Evans sporting wood and humping Brie Larson. Then movies would finally be as mature as comics!

  5. From an review of the “Boys” volume called “Herogasm”:

    “Mostly, it’s about all the heroes getting together and having one big orgy. That’s about it. There’s a slight back-story about the vice-president and president which is interesting. But mostly it’s about heroes boffing other heroes in gang-bangs. That’s it. And I think the book really suffers. After the first ten pages of naked heroes cavorting around the pool, it gets old. Lets face it, if we wanted porn, we’d go get porn. I wanted a comic book.”

    I’m sure this sequence will be depicted in the Amazon series, with the same attention paid to erect phalluses and shaved female privates. Garth Ennis rules!

  6. Just a head’s up, anyone who is interested in seeing Captain Kirk’s penis – Chris Pine gets naked in his netflix movie about Robert the Bruce.

  7. And if you want to see full-frontal Black Widow, check out Scarlett Johansson in “Under the Skin.”

    I haven’t seen “Shame,” but I understand that Magneto (Michael Fassbender) displays his junk in several scenes.

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