As we eagerly await an official announcement for the release of the upcoming DC Super Hero Girls cartoon from Lauren Faust, a new trailer highlighting team member Wonder Woman/Diana Prince has been released that hints at some new story elements.

It appears the Amazon will be experiencing some of the tasty delicacies our culture has to offer most notably ice cream. Readers familiar with the first arc of New 52 Justice League relaunch will remember the iconic scene of Wonder Woman getting her first taste of the frozen confection and giving it her vote of approval.

At various points a blonde haired girl is noticeably irked by Diana for her superior gymnastic and academic skills. If you look closely, you’ll see the name “Barbi” on her test paper. Coupled with the character’s penchant for cheetah print clothing, it’s a safe bet that the girl is Barbara Minerva a.k.a Cheetah. From the SDCC panel, we already know that a team of female supervillains will be appearing in the series. We’ll have to wait and see whether or not Barbi takes on the Cheetah mantle like her mainstream comic counterpart.


Additionally, another hilarious new short titled #BatCatcher has been released today that gives a closer look at Barbara Gordon’s home life. Plus we get to hear veteran voice actor Fred Tastasciore provide brief vocals as Babs’ father Commissioner Gordon.

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