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Author Neil Gaiman has worked with Marvel sparingly over the course of his career, but after more research and a recent Tumblr post. We just learned that former Editor-in-chief of Marvel Joe Quesada actually worked on getting more work for Gaiman from the publisher. Quesada drew a piece that was then inked by Danny Miki and lettered, creating a three-page comic that was later delivered to Gaiman. The comic featured Wolverine talking directly to Gaiman.

Wolverine addresses Neil directly. He points out how blank the panels are and how empty his world is and that Neil needs to stop dawdling and get to work because those panels aren’t going to fill themselves. Wolvie continues harassing Neil, goes to light his cigar, realizes it’s a nasty habit and that there’s no smoking in Marvel Comics and stomps it out. He then holds up a Marvel Comic, makes references to the Editor in Chief being a big loser, unwraps his hands, pops the claws and then says something snarky as he leaves the scene.

Unfortunately, the project never came to fruition. As history points out, Gaiman has also worked on “1602” for Marvel.  The House of Ideas is currently republishing Neil Gaiman’s 1980s run on Miracleman.

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  1. “He commissioned a piece of artwork that was written and drawn by Gaiman.”

    Correction: Quesada didn’t commission anything, he wrote and drew these pages and sent them to Gaiman to try and convince Gaiman to write an X-Men story for him (Quesada) to draw.

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