This is a major bummer. Thank You Comics, the spinoff of Silverlake’s very successful Secret Headquarters, is closing at the end of the month according to their home page.

We appreciate your patronage the last couple of years. We have loved being a part of the neighborhood.

Make sure to visit our sister stores, Secret Headquarters (Silver Lake) and Dungeon Dungeon (inside The Last Bookstore) for all your comic book needs.

The space will be available on March 1st. For lease information please call (323) 570-2202.

Catch you on the flip,

Gift certificates are redeemable up until the closing.

Thank You opened in 2012 as a store focused on indies and GNS, and as you can see from their twitter background photo, they supported all the best stuff. Highland Park is a fairly trendy LA neighborhood so without knowing more about the situation it’s impossible to speculate on what closed the store.

As mentioned, Secrete Headquarters is still going strong though.



  1. I hate to sound like a vulture, but is there a selloff happening, or are they just shifting stock to another store? This is way out of my neighborhood, but from the looks of things, maybe I should have made it out more often. I’d hit a sale there, that’s for sure.

  2. Hip, trendy, afluent neighborhood and three years after opening usually means new rent negotiations which probably ended up far, far higher than what’s possible to pay.

  3. Thank you was my local shop. Very sad to see them go. Highland park is not really an affluent community. It’s a quickly gentrifying community that’s about half Latino/half hipster at this point. (I’ve lived in hp for 10 years). They were up for a 3% rent increase but I don’t think that was the issue. I think they probably weren’t doing as much business as they hoped. It was a great store though and I wish they gave it more time. I think the neighborhood wasn’t quite ready for it. The name also may have not clearly indicated comic shop to people.

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