If the Marvel Universe, as we know it, ends in this Summer’s Secret Wars then it’s not pulling any punches on the way out. Today the publisher announced ANOTHER tie-in book to its be-all-end-all Secret Wars event. Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars revisits the original 1984 event. Written by Cullen Bunn, this new series will see wade Wilson stick his nose, guns, and blades into the landmark 84′ war. Readers will see just how the Merc With a Mouth shaped events seven years before his first appearance in comics.

As Bunn tells it “Deadpool was always part of the original Secret Wars, it’s just been secret until now.” Details remain scarce outside of the premise, but Bunn had pitched Marvel the idea of Deadpool being part of past events from the shadows before. Secret Wars seems like as good a place as any for an off-beat idea like this to flourish. No artist or length of series was given but we expect to hear more about this and the already announced books in the coming weeks.

Given the recent announcement of the Deadpool’s demise  in April’s Deadpool #250, it may seem odd for the character to appear in more stories right away. So it’s almost certain Wilson’s incarnation in this Secret Wars tie-in would be one from the past instead of already being back from the dead.

Would you be willing to accept such a retcon to an event that shaped decades of the Marvel Universe? 


  1. Deadpool, to me, is just tangentially in the Marvel Universe. His stuff is just so wacky, it reads more like a “What if?” anyway. Also, if the new Secret Wars ends everything, it won’t matter anyway. The retcons I don’t like are when stories like Nick Fury Vs. SHIELD get written out of existence for no apparent reason. The retcons I like are when Supernatural Punisher just gets totally ignored and the character regains the things that make them interesting.

  2. “Would you be willing to accept such a retcon to an event that shaped decades of the Marvel Universe? ”

    Marvel Superhero Secret Wars?
    What changed? She-Hulk joined the Fantastic Four. Spider-Man got a new pet. Kitty Pryde got dumped.

    Having read Deadpool #11, where he travels back in time to the Lee-Romita era of AS-M #47, I’ll read this!
    I suspect he was in Denver at the time…

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