Just wrapped from the Geek Stage at the South By Southwest 2016 music and arts festival, Telltale Games CEO Kevin Bruner along with members of the studio working on their new Batman series gave some insight as to the developers aim for this new series.

The game will be a distinct departure from the typical beat-em-up action Batman games. Here players will have the opportunity to explore how much Bruce Wayne can really impact the world of the Dark Knight in his own way. As is a staple of Telltale Games style; choice will dictate how your world is shaped. Players could encounter a character like Edward Nygma then depending on your decisions put him on the path to being the Riddler or not. While no specific characters were identified as the game’s antagonist, the group did say there would be more than one. It was teased on the panel that players could go most of the game without playing as Batman though the option is certainly there. Telltale’s game will not be strictly adhering to any one iteration of the character meaning long time Batman fans will be treated to somethings they’ve never seen before from the characters.

Telltale Games is developing new technology for the games that will not only affect the visual of the game but add new things to how you play their game. No specific details were given at this time but should reveal more in the next few weeks. As far as the visual inspiration we’ll see on screen, such artists as Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Neal Adams, and co-creator Bob Kane were mentioned.

No story details were given but the group did say the game would only focus on Batman/Bruce Wayne though staples like Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, and a few others would appear. While a partnership with DC/ Warner Bros sees input from the likes of Geoff Johns, the story and creative decisions come from the Telltale camp. Not all of the series has been scripted yet so the possibility of a writer like Scott Snyder becoming involved would not be out of the question.

Fans will not have to wait long as Telltale Games is set to debut their Batman episodic game series this Summer.