Saturday of C2E2 brought the Viz Media panel, moderated by Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager of Anime Marketing, with guest Joel Enos, Editor. Viz is currently celebrating 30 years of publishing.

Ingram began the panel by offering the floor to Enos, so he could explain to the audience what he does as an editor at Viz.

“The main thing is I get to read the manga about a year before you do,” he said. “We work with the Japanese editors and creators to adapt their work for you. On the creative side, we do a lot of adaptation ourselves.”

Next up was mentioning some upcoming and recent releases, like the Sakura prose book and the Naruto: The Last DVD combo pack, which has been doing very well for Viz.

Boruto: The Movie debuted recently, and will be released later this year, August 7, to DVD and Blu-Ray.

Additionally, it was announced for the first time that all of the Naruto movies are available (on sale) on Steam.

The Deathnote: Omega Edition is being released, which is a limited edition of the entire series, on Blu-Ray for the first time ever. A short trailer was screened to show the difference in quality between the previous iteration and this new release, which was staggering.

In other Deathnote news, Blanc et Noir, a full-color, hardcover art book, will soon be released. It was published in Japan a few years ago to great success, and will now be in English for the first time.

Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 6 will also be coming out soon, and Enos was quick to mention that the story “really amps up” for those who are already fans of the series.


Ingram went on to Sailor Moon next, saying, “We do the anime for this title, and we’ve been streaming two episodes a week since 2014. Episode 200, the epic finale, comes out April 11th. You can watch all of it on Viz or Hulu.”

Sailor Moon Crystal is seeing release as well, with newly-dubbed episodes premiering every Friday night.

One Punch Man is seeing the publication of Volume 6, which is the first book to continue where the anime left off, out May 23rd. The audience was also given a first look at the dubbed One Punch Man trailer, and it was noted that all the anime is available on Viz and Hulu.

Print announcements came next, with Ingram rolling out news of a new Yoshitaka Amano Illustrations art book, which currently has no release date, but promises to be out soon.

Also announced was another in a series of Hayao Miyazaki art books, this time being The Art of Castle in the Sky, coming out in October.

Finally, for print announcements, Shonen Jump will have HunterXHunter coming back into serialization, as well as Boruto.

The panel wrapped up with anime announcements, the first being the dub cast of HunterXHunter as follows: Leorio by Matt Mercer, Kurapika by Erika Harlacher, Hisoka by Keith Silverstein, Killua by Cristina Vee, and Gon by Erica Mendez (Kill la Kill, Sailor Moon).

Ingram also showed the audience a clip fresh from the studio, giving a first look at the dubbing of HunterXHunter.

Lastly, Viz broke the big news of adding two new shows to their streaming anime line-up with Terra Formars and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Both shows will be live very soon, with further seasons coming in April.


  1. Lindsey, that top image is really eyecatching! Can you tell me who drew it and the title of the publication?

  2. That is Yoshitaka Amano, and the photo is from the cover of the “Illustrations” book that was announced. Not sure it’s final art, as it might be the cover from the Japanese edition.

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