Two IDW alum are teaming up to launch a new publishing house called Clover Press. Founders Ted Adams, former IDW CEO, and Robbie Robbins, IDW cofounder plan to release prose works, graphic novels, art books and miscellaneous works. On its website, it labels itself “a progressive, eclectic boutique publisher.”
The IDW ties aren’t limited to resumes. Adams and Robbins will be leading the publisher, though IDW is lending financial investments. The two have made explicit that Clover is its own property, not an imprint. Despite the relationship, Clover and IDW “will not share any infrastructure or overhead.”
Being an eclectic boutique publisher means Clover Press will aim to release two to three books a month, alternating between original works and reprints of the classics. Adams hopes to line up genre fiction as well as licensed properties – though the item available on the site now is a signed or unsigned Gabriel Rodríguez variant of Silver Surfer Black #1, by Donny Cates and Tradd Moore.
As far as distribution is concerned, Clover hopes to sell directly to consumers as well as experiment with crowdfunding. It’s an ambitious, certainly eclectic idea for a comics publisher. Adams has said “Our small team at Clover Press will be working on outside of the box projects that we are excited about.” Stay tuned here when more titles from the publisher are announced later this summer.

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