If you’re a gritty noir fan, you most likely just saw her as Sister Alice in HBO’s Perry Mason reboot/prequel series. Most will know her, however, as the multiple clones of Orphan Black. Now, she’s stepping into greener skin: that of Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk. That’s right, the bravura actress Tatiana Maslany has reportedly been cast in the upcoming Disney+ show.

Maslany will work with Dead to Me‘s Kat Coiro, who will be directing the series. Rick and Morty‘s Jessica Gao is the head writer. Maslany is no stranger to heroic women — most of the “Sestras” of Orphan Black were heroes in their own right — but this is her first superhero.

Maslany’s casting has not been absolutely confirmed by Marvel/Disney, with Marvel/Disney reportedly not “immediately” responding to requests for comments from multiple news outlets. Despite this lack of confirmation, Mark Ruffalo is happy to welcome Bruce Banner’s cousin to the family. If this is true, Maslany will likely not return for Perry Mason‘s second season.

However, we may indeed have our long-awaited Jennifer Walters! If she does make a TV debut in the near future, could she make her MCU debut not long after that? With the new Disney+ Marvel series taking characters from the MCU, that doesn’t seem too unlikely.