The Clone Club is reconvening. Variety reports that Orphan Black, the hit BBC America sci-fi series that ended in 2017, is set to return as a serialized novel, with accompany audio narration, later this year. The new story is produced by publishing startup Serial Box, and will feature original series star Tatiana Maslany providing the audio narration.
Over the course of its five seasons, Orphan Black told the story of Sarah Manning (Maslany), a woman who discovered that she was a clone created by the Dyad Institute. The series followed a core group of clones, all played by Maslany, as they attempted to stay alive and keep Manning’s child out of the reach of the corporation that made them. The series has been adapted into other media before, including a several comics miniseries published by IDW. The new serial will be set eight years after the series finale, and will reportedly follow the same characters.
Described by Vox as “a service that aims to become the HBO of serialized fiction,” Serial Box made news earlier this year after entering a deal with Marvel to create new content featuring characters from the House of Ideas. The first serial, starring Thor, is set to begin next month.
I’m woefully behind on Orphan Black, having only watched the first two seasons. At this point I’ll likely just start over at the beginning before I finish it. Still, it’s an enjoyable show made great on the strength of Maslany’s performance and her ability to disappear into the different clones she’s playing. Having her back for this audio continuation is likely going to draw in a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t have paid attention to it (myself included).
The first ‘season’ of Serial Box’s Orphan Black continuation is available for pre-order now.