In Star Trip by Gisele Weaver, Jas leaves the Earth behind to explore every habitable planet in the galaxy!

The story begins when Jas discovers Khut, an alien who has crash-landed on Earth (Earth galactic classification: “Hick planet”). Jas agrees to free the alien from the plasma net in which they have been captured in exchange for a wish. Fed up with life on the third rock from the sun, Jas wishes to visit every habitable in the galaxy.

Perhaps she should have been a bit more careful what she wished for, because no sooner has she freed the alien than do they shape shift into a living starship, swallow her up, and head toward the stratosphere!

As the story goes forward, Jas and Khut begin to visit different planets. Sometimes, Khut must put extra effort into helping Jas adapt to life in space, including traveling to the Needle, a laboratory on the planet Purru where they manufacture the Pressure Pill, which modifies the gases in one’s body in order to allow someone to survive the changing atmospheric pressures of space travel.

In addition to science fiction elements like this, Star Trip also has a very fleshed-out galaxy: each chapter ends with a “fact file” about the planet that Khut and Jas have visited.

While Star Trip has been on hiatus, it returns in October 2020 with new entries, so now is the ideal time to catch up on the completed chapters in advance of the webcomic’s return.

Be sure and check out the comics they have for sale on their gumroad, and you can also directly support their art by donating to their Patreon, which comes with rewards that can get you early access to new Star Trip updates plus exclusive goodies like an exclusive monthly Star Trip themed wallpaper!