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INDIE VIEW: War stays personal in ‘The Bugle Boy’ and ‘The...

John Seven reviews 'The Bugle Boy' By Alexandre Clérisse and 'The Secret Voice Volume One' By Zack Soto

A Year of Free Comics: The Ongoing Adventures of Dr. Galapagos...

A Year of Free Comics: The Ongoing Adventures of Dr. Galapagos in Zack Soto's Secret Voice

Portland’s Linework NW comic arts festival is on hold indefinitely

Portland's LInework NW comic arts festival is on indefinite hold, meaning Comics Town, USA doens't have its own indie show.

News and notes: new comics from Soto, Tsurumi, Wertz, Trippe, Kleid...

New comics! SF madness from Zack Soto, boxing fantasy from Neil Kleid, Jake Allen and Frank Reynoso; NYC history from Julia Wertz; a collection from Andrea Tsurumi; an intense Italian micropress; and a controversial kickstarter is finally coming to print.

Future comics: “When Damo Met Can’ by Soto and Willumsen

There haven't been many new developments in the "Future comics" category of late; that is comics that use animation, gifs, or other tablet- or web-based technology as a storytelling tool, beyond Madefire's leading the category. It seems like motion comics and the costs of developing platforms have sort of put this on the backburner...plus guided view and the like are now such a standard aspect of reading comics that they don't elicit much comment.

BCGF Preview: Zack Soto’s Secret Voice

Zack Soto has a new print edition of his comic, Secret Voice out for The Brooklyn Comics and Graphic Festival. It's a 48 page...

Weekend reading: The Secret Voice

Zack Soto's long-running signature comics has a second part up after a long wait, but HEY it's up!