While everyone seems to be in perplexity about the future of the Netflix Marvel-verse – are the shows done for two years or forever? Will Kevin Feige forgive? – two men decided to take matters into their own hands and create a Netflix style show for Nick Fury.

Indie stars Zack Soto (Secret Voice) and François Vigneault (Titan) took to twitter to unroll their pilot season – with concept art! – and I dare say this is one season that wouldn’t drag! It’s got everything from Agent Carter to Shang-Chi! Fans of Copra will love this.

You can follow their story on Twitter on Soto’s account but I used Thread Reader to clean it up for your enjoyment.

So in honor of all the fallen #Netflix #Marvel series, here’s a thread about the fanfiction MCU show that my buddy Francois (@francoisvigneault on IG) & I have been talking about off and on for like 3+ damn years. It’s set in 1973 and it’s called FURY: Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Now, when I say we’ve been talking about this for years, I mean we started talking about it before Avengers 2. Plot beats, themes, & everything. We kept coming back to it-every time a new movie came out we’d be like “we should draw this up & post about it” but we never did.
So we came up with a lot of this stuff before characters got cast or explored in the real MCU. We set it in the past before Agent Carter came out & folded that into our plans. Ant Man etc hadn’t come out. I’ll note who we cast in our Young Nick Fury show. (3/?)
Set in 1973, our theoretical show would have focused on a young #NickFury, (played by @JamieHector) a decorated Vietnam War vet who ended his career by testifying against members of his platoon who were involved in horrendous war crimes. He ends up Brooklyn, disillusioned. (4/?DulpKjoU8AEeRoW (1)
I don’t have a finished drawing for him, but he falls in with a militant activist group led by the charismatic SCORPIO. (played by LaMonica Garrett) Unbeknownst to Nick, Scorpio is backed by LEVIATHAN, a Soviet spy cell that trades in dark super-science. (5/?) (sketch by F)
Fury is arrested while picking up guns for Scorpio, but instead of going to jail, he’s visited in secret by SHIELD Director Sharon Carter. ( @thehayleyatwell aged up) She lays out the stakes and Leviathan’s involvement. Fury eventually believes her. (6/?)
Fury agrees to work counter-intelligence for SHIELD against SCORPIO and Carter teams him up with JIMMY WOO. (played by Ken Leung) Jimmy is Ex-FBI, he transferred to SHIELD hoping to prove his theories about the intl crime/terror syndicate known in whispers as THE CLAW. (7/?)
Jimmy & Fury have a bit of a meet-cute, their different styles clashing (Jimmy is flashy in his 1968 V8 Dodge Charger & a bit paranoid, Fury is already world-weary & at this point tends to believe his own eyes over any kind of supposition). The two work on busting Scorpio (8/?)
As the case builds, Fury is brought into SHIELD HQ and meets a bunch of side cast members like: Hank Pym, The young “whiz kid” of SHIELD’s R&D department. (played by @hitRECordJoe) Pym spent his time at MIT taking lots (and lots!) of psychedelic drugs, among other things. (9/?)
Hank is trying to prove the existence of the “Pym Particle,” which he saw during a vision on his 3rd day tripping on some particularly potent homebrewed LSD. At the start of the show, the Pym Particle has so far eluded him, & remains his “great white whale”. (10/?)
Pym spends his days mostly looking for the Pym Particle & making cool tech gear for SHIELD, but that changes when he meets International sensation of the Fashion industry & British super spy Janet Van Dyne aka THE WASP. (played by @amarakaran) (11/?)DumArHnU0AAiPxu
One of the first “It Girls” of the late 60’s, she partied with the best of them as a world famous fashion model, started her own clothing line… And is also secretly a high-kicking, leather jumpsuit-clad super spy known to her handlers in the MI-6 as “The Wasp”. (12/?)
Anyway, she’s there to liaise with SHIELD on behalf of MI-6, trying to trace the threads of Leviathan’s influence across various legitimate and criminal organizations around the world. (she finds Hank Pym amusingly unlike all the wild macho men she’s used to dealing with) (13/?)
While Hank & Janet are merely flirting, the true passionate heart of the series is Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (played by Eva Green). A top SHIELD agent and their head tactics & martial arts trainer, she’s tasked with getting Fury up to SHIELD standards. (14/?)
At first Fury doesn’t take her seriously enough because she’s a slim, beautiful woman. He quickly learns the truth as she proceeds to mop the floor with him, besting his rudimentary judo skills. Their respect blooms quickly as he learns what she has to teach him quickly. (15/?)
Fury & The Contessa are both incorrigible flirts, which leads to their friendship often extending to the bedroom, though neither one is looking for anything serious. Or Are They? (16/?)
Contessa’s parents were involved in the Italian anti-communism movement in the 60s, & the whole family was captured by Leviathan. Her parents killed, she was kept in their prison & tortured for 3 years before it was raided by SHIELD & Deputy Director Dum Dum Dougan found her(17/?DumFsH6UwAAdDZr
Anyway, she’s a fucking badass and she never stopped trying to escape from that prison.
The 1st act culminates in a bitter battle to the death btwn Scorpio & Fury. Clothing shredded in the battle, Fury picks up the leather trench coat Scorpio took too much pride in and covers himself with it. “Looks better on me, anyway!” #petty (19/?
Unbeknownst to Fury/SHIELD, Leviathan steals Scorpio’s body & experiments on it, subjecting it to a new bio-weapon called the Zodiac Key. It resurrects him & remakes his body into a strange, debased thing. Echoes of animal bioforms emerge in his morphing flesh. (more later) (20/?
As an aside, more than half the fun with thinking about these kinds of things is puzzling how all the disparate pieces fit together. Smashing different parts of Marvel lore together, hopefully making them work in new ways. Playing off the era of the 70s/bronze age, etc (21/?
Trying to fix the perceived problems we saw in the 13 episode format, etc. Some of this has been made explicitly defunct by like the Ant-Man movie or whatever, but we were coming up with stuff to set in an era that still hasn’t been really explored in the MCU (&make it work)(22/?
So yeah, speaking of smashing lore together, now to mash up Agents of ATLAS & MKOF in ACT 2:(23/?)
After Scorpio is defeated & his group scattered, in comes one of my all time favorite characters. SHANG CHI, Master of Kung Fu. (Wang Baoqiang) Shang Chi is tracking The Wasp, as he wants the help of MI-6. When they all find each other he fights *everyone* to a standstill. (24/?
Incredibly, no one is hurt much more than bruises and sprains. It’s not luck, though: Shang Chi is committed to pacifism even when he’s whupping ass. It turns out he’s in hiding & on the run from a very bad dude. (His dad) (25/?
Shang Chi’s dad Zheng Zu (played by @BD_WONG) is, on the surface, real estate magnate and minor political functionary of the southeast asian city/state island Madripoor. Secretly, he’s head of the criminal empire known to very few as CLAW. Also: maybe immortal? (26/?
Unbeknownst to all but the highest members, CLAW is actually a sect of LEVIATHAN, which provides key assistance to the defence/armament of Madripoor. Zheng Zu has two known surviving children. Shang Chi, his “Disgrace” of a son, left once he realized his father’s corruption. (27/
Zu’s daughter Suwan, aka VIPER, (@juju_chan) has risen in prominence in Shang Chi’s absence to run the day to day operations of CLAW. She leads their elite killing squad THE SERPENT SOCIETY and is fiercely competitive with her brother Shang Chi.
Jesus christ this is taking forever. OK so: SHIELD & MI-6 lead a joint operation to Madripoor to try and take down CLAW and Zheng Zu. FURY & the team (Contessa, Wasp, & Jimmy Woo being the A team) go in to meet their contact in the worst bar ever. He doesn’t look like much.(29/?)
Short, Canadian, hairy, & grumpy– “Patch” turns out to know his way around the underbelly of the island, leading the team through back alleys, tunnels and under grates that Shang Chi had no idea about, until they are in the compound of Zheng Zu. (30/?
Oh, I forgot to underline HOW FUCKIN’ HAPPY and vindicated Jimmy feels when Shang Chi shows up. His whole thing up until that point is like Mulder 1.0 and no one really believes him about CLAW. Here’s this kung fu master spilling all of the tea and he’s STOKED. (31/?
Ok anyway there’s a whole big thing where Zu totally expected everyone, springs a trap on them, ZODIAC is revealed as this morphing undead Scorpio tumor beast, and the Serpent Society shows up to fight the good guys, and they all have a BIG FIGHT! (32/?
I can’t do that justice so just know it’d be awesome. here’s a fight scene from Queen Boxer:
Seeing Fury sends Zodiac out of his mind–he breaks his programming to hunt down Fury in a game of cat & mouse that leaves Fury scarred and badly battered. (33/?
Fury is saved when Jimmy Woo drops a crane on Zodiac, pinning him under several tons of steel. He.. appears to finally be dead. Zheng Zu & Shang Chi face off, Viper & the Serpent Society fight the Contessa & Wasp, it’s fucking wild, man! (34/?)
Shang Chi & his dad fight in this brutal knock down drag out fight, going up a spiral staircase tower until they’re both almost passing out. Shang Chi gets the upper hand, but can’t quite bring himself to kill his evil father.. He’s conflicted! Philosophical shit! (35/?
It starts to rain. Shang Chi’s grip on Zheng Zu’s neck weakens–he steps back. AND THEN THE VIPER WRAPS HER BULLWHIP AROUND HER DAD’S NECK AND YANKS HIM OFF THE BALCONY THEY ARE STANDING ON! Zu plummets to the rocky ocean below!! Wow! Classic bullshit! (36/?
There’s some wrap up but the long and short of it is that Viper calls off all her people and SHIELD etc slink off to tend their wounds. Shang Chi goes with them. Viper looks like she’ll be taking over Madripoor. Patch disappears into the shadows. (37/?)
(almost done!)
So that’s FURY: Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season1. It sets up Nick Fury’s start w/SHIELD, dangles some romance, & we even thought about being cheesy and having him lose his eye at the end there so Logan could give him his patch that is just a costume. (that’s too much, tho) (38/?)
Because we’re idiots, we even thought of cool things that could happen in Season 2, like: Pym discovers Pym Particles! (but they only work on inanimate objects)
The Viper/Suwan runs Madripoor & CLAW ! It is revealed that she was a HYDRA sleeper agent all along. (39/?)
Obviously Francois and I are big nerds and we watch all the MCU stuff even if we end up nitpicking it, we clearly enjoy it and it was fun to play with both that world & the ideas of people like Kirby, Steranko, Moench, Gulacy, Day, Parker, & Kirk, etc. (40/?


Zow! Would you like to see this kind of show on Netflix/Disney+? Let us know in the comments!




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