By the time this comes out, it’ll have been 7 years since the last Men In Black movie. I never saw that third one, though the idea of casting Josh Brolin as a younger Tommy Lee Jones was pretty inspired. But that first Men in Black, based on the comic of the same name created by Lowell Cunningham with art by Sandy Carruthers, is a 90’s classic that I have fond memories of. That the whole series was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, the Coen Brothers’ original cinematographer, gives it a nice sheen too.

This time around, we’re headed to international waters and the original cast is out the door, replaced by Thor and Valkyrie! Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are your lead mind-wiping, alien hunting duo – and just based on appearances it seems like they’re slotting into the broader archetypes of the departing leads. Liam Neeson also joins the cast as the grizzled vet this time around, and the head of their UK branch.

Worldwide murder mystery! Aliens! Fun! This trailer doesn’t do a whole lot for me, really, but I do like that cast and I’m glad to see F. Gary Gray on another big franchise. Check out the trailer below, Men in Black International in theaters June 14th:



  1. I’ve caught MiB3 broadcast on TV a couple of times just channel-surfing, and watched substantial chunks. I didn’t mind it, and Brolin was amusing/entertaining. Probably like 3 better than the others because 2 was a garbage copy, and 3 has a solid time travel story with heart (some, at least), set within the MiB premises. Not all bad, surprisingly.

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