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Haberlin and Hine reunite for magical thriller THE MARKED from Image...

The new ongoing series follows a group of people who are tattooed with ancient glyphs that imbue them with magical abilities.

Review: Folk horror meets social satire in ‘Lip Hook’

Lip Hook takes some of the best conventions of the British folk horror genre and uses them to perfect effect. Outsiders becoming stranded in...

24 Hours of Halloween: Read David Hine’s STRANGE EMBRACE for free

David Hine's Strange Embrace has quietly become a classic horror comic. The eerie tale of a delivery whose weekly trip to a house full of dysfunctional shut ins reveals secret after secret and descends into madness, sexual obssession and death, it's been published in various editions from Image, Active Images and even Atomeka since 2003. And now you can get the ULTIMATE version of the story via Sequential, the graphic novel app for iPads. This version is in the original black and white (at one point it was colored and though it looked great B&W fits the mood better). It also includes an intro by Paul Gravett, back matter and even AN AUDIO COMMENTARY FOR EACH PAGE. YOU heard that right. Sequential is aiming to make the "criterion collection" of digital graphic novels and they are doing a fine job of it.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 10/2/14: Film Festival!

Cartoonists doing thing, blabbing about it.

In One Week: The Morley Literature Festival

By Steve Morris Currently under way despite Nevada's attempt to suck the entirety of comics inside Las Vegas, The Morley Literature Festival is yet another...

David Hine talks to The Beat about 'Storm Dogs'

David Hine sat down with us at London's Kapow Comic Convention to discuss his newly-announced Image series with Doug Braithwaite: STORM DOGS