Heavy Metal Entertainment have announced a partnership with Humble Bundle in aid of The Hero Initiative. The Heaviest Metal Humble Bundle includes the most current issues of the publisher’s flagship magazine (from #300-#305) alongside special issues from the past featuring Grant Morrison, Jack Kirby, Richard Corben, David Hine, Enki Bilal, and others. As well as the magazine, the bundle also contains issues of other comics series being published by the company from creators including Stephanie Phillips, Dan Fogler, Tim Seeley, and actor Dylan Sprouse. The cumulative value of the lot comes to approximately $349; paying just $25 for the bundle nets you all of that.

Heavy Metal

A portion of the proceeds from the Heaviest Metal Humble Bundle will go toward The Hero Initiative, a non-profit that has provided financial support for comics creators in need since 2000.

In a press release, Heavy Metal Entertainment said:

“Time to get METAL. Heavy Metal Entertainment, the premiere storyteller of cutting edge science fiction, fantasy and horror content, is teaming up with Humble Bundle to launch the ‘Humble Comic Bundle: HEAVY METAL’s Heaviest Metal’, which is available for purchase now.”

Humble Bundle is a digital storefront that primarily caters for videogames but has expanded into other digital goods and publishing. All purchases on the store contribute up to 15% of the sale to a selected charity. Most purchases come in tiers. Humble Bundle was founded in 2010 by Jeff Rosen and John Graham. In 2020, Humble Bundle raised over $30 million for various charities, according to gamesindustry.biz.

Heavy Metal Chief Sales Officer Kris Longo said:

“The partnership between Heavy Metal and Humble Bundle offers a rare opportunity to not only sample stunning work our creators and editors have done for the magazine, our many comics, and prose books, but also a chance to support the noble mission of The Hero Initiative, a charity we at Heavy Metal truly admire. We’re excited to give new fans and old the opportunity to not only enjoy Heavy Metal’s collection, but also help creators in need in equal measure.”

President and co-founder of The Hero Initiative Jim McLaughlin adds:

“We appreciate the ongoing efforts of Humble Bundle to better the lives of comic creators, and we’re delighted to work with Heavy Metal to bring this bundle to fans everywhere.”

The Heaviest Metal Humble Bundle will run until May 20.