Continuing its rebuilding into a modern media company, Heavy Metal has teamed up with Range Media to form a production house to bring develop their properties to film and television. HM has also named Tommy Coriale as its new President and Head of Studio. Formerly the Head of DIGA Studios, Coriale will work to launch Heavy Metal’s film and television division. CEO Matthew Medney, and Chief Creative Overlord and Publisher David Erwin continue to lead the publisher.

Their new partner, Range Media, was founded in September 2020 by Dave Bugliari, Mackenzie Condon Roussos, Rich Cook, Michael Cooper, Susie Fox, Matt Graham, Sandra Kang, Rachel Kropa, Chelsea McKinnies, Peter Micelli, Mick Sullivan, Byron Wetzel, and Jack Whigham — a collection of “power agents and managers,” according to Variety.

Heavy Metal already has some notable film properties in its DNA — not just the legendary Heavy Metal movie, but Blade Runner, Fifth Element, the original Alien graphic novel (1979) and more were all influenced by Heavy Metal comics. And co-founder Moebius is a legend himself for his film concept work for Alien and many other films.

“I am still pinching myself that Heavy Metal is the brand I get to help shepherd off the page,” said Coriale in a statement. “Joining forces with Matt and David is a dream come true, and now with Range by our side as both partners and facilitators we are poised to make history. Our message to our fans and to Hollywood is one in the same – buckle the f–k up, Heavy Metal has arrived.”

“Heavy Metal is one of those moments in time that if presented with, one has to build an army to realize its full potential. There are no better generals I could have imagined acquiring than Peter Micelli, Michael Cooper, Dave Bugliari and the entire Range Media family,” said Medney.  “And with Tommy Coriale joining my inner circle, we have the pieces in place to launch an all out assault on reshaping and redefining how genre stories are told on the screen.”

Erwin noted that “Unlike the other publishers of fiction, Heavy Metal is a destination brand recognized for cutting edge and inventive stories within the sci-fi, fantasy and horror space. It has influenced many of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers over the years, and we’ll continue to be a prime source of inspiration by continuing to deliver our brand promise of great stories and art, as well as maintaining its rock-n-roll attitude of making your parents a bit uncomfortable.”

Range Media’s Michael Cooper also expressed his enthusiasm. “Heavy Metal is an institution. They are a treasure chest of brilliant art and stories and creativity. We are honored to build with them and translate their masterworks into other mediums. Their team is incredible and we are proud to partner with them.”


Other recent Heavy Metal ventures include a podcast network, that includes many things to listen to:

The Heavy Metal Podcast Network slate:

Heavy Metal Magazine: The Podcast: Twice a month, hosts Lea Palmieri and Brendan Columbus critique and celebrate all things Heavy Metal, diving into the current issue of Heavy Metal Magazine

I Hate Myself: Hosted by Joe Trohman, co-founder of Fall Out Boy, this unscripted series features in-depth interviews with celebrities, creators, and other “successful-types,” discussing how mental health has impacted their lives, coping mechanisms they’ve learned, and how they’re able to thrive while living with depression and anxiety. Joe, along with his co-host, comedy writer Wade Randolph, will be just the giant tool you’ve always needed for every sad and stressful occasion!

Geoff Boucher’s Mindspace: Each week, veteran journalist Geoff Boucher, along with notable stars and creators making guest appearances, will help you reach a state of Nerdvana with fascinating conversations, never-before-told stories, and trivia about all corners of pop culture.

WonderWerk: Heavy Metal’s graphic audio podcast features immersive sound design and Hollywood quality production in all new mind-bending stories set in the thrilling worlds of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Putting The Science In Science Fiction: Explore the depths of your curiosity, with Aerospace Engineer John Connelly, Columbia Space Center’s, Benjamin Dickow and CEO of Heavy Metal Magazine, Matthew Medney as they bring scientists, entertainers and authors on a journey of discovery where fiction and science collide.

Pumpkin Spice Podcast: “A bite-sized treat where comedy and horror meet.” Brittany and Rob watch horror films highlighting fun facts, best kills, cheesiest moments, and the scenes that gave Brittany actual nightmares.

The TV Show Show: A 90s (and beyond) recap podcast that hilariously looks back at your favorite shows with the lens of today.

Madrigal at the Movies with Rob and Rob: Vanderpump Rules star Peter Madrigal teams up with a director and a producer to talk about the best films of all time… and Superman 2.