From Around the World in 80 Days to Journey to the Center of the Earth, the stories of author Jules Verne have been adapted numerous times over the century+ since their release. Now creators David Hine, Brian Haberlin, and Geirrod Van Dyke are taking on a sci-fi reimagining of one of Verne’s lesser-known novels. Jules Verne’s: Lighthouse is a new five-issue miniseries from Image Comics, based on Verne’s posthumous novel The Lighthouse at the End of the World. No letterer was named in the announcement for the series, nor is one credited on the included covers.

Here’s how Image describes the the series:

Jules Verne’s: Lighthouse is set at the edge of the galaxy, where there is a giant supercomputer known as the Lighthouse. The only brain powerful enough to navigate ships through a sargasso of naturally occurring wormholes, potentially cutting months or even years off a spaceship’s journey. Three humans, one alien, and a nanny bot have manned the remote station for years in relative peace until the arrival of Captain Kongre and his band of cutthroat pirates threatens the future of civilization and reveals that each of the Lighthouse crew has been hiding a shocking secret.

He who controls the Lighthouse controls this part of the galaxy.

Along with the announcement and a pair of covers by Haberlin & Van Dyke, Image has released a four-page preview from the first issue.

In the statement accompanying the announcement, Hine and Haberlin discussed their history with the Verne tale, and a few of the fun surprises along the way in the reimagining:

“Brian introduced me to this lesser-known Jules Verne story of dastardly brigands and survival on a lonely, windswept island,” said Hine. “We did the obvious thing and transformed it into an epic science-fiction tale of space piracy, wormholes, galaxy-spanning conflict and a glitchy but lovable robot called Moses.”

Haberlin added: “Lighthouse is a story that has been in my orbit for years. It’s one of Jules Verne’s most interesting stories on an emotional/psychological level. David and I love playing with flawed characters and this story is simply full of them. A tale of survival and redemption, against all odds at the far corner of the universe!”

As far as updates to classic stories goes, this one sounds pretty entertaining, and space pirates are always a good time. Check out the preview pages, along with the variant cover for the series’ first issue, below, and look for Jules Verne’s: Lighthouse #1 (of 5) to arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, April 14th.