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Bye-bye Zoom, Ink and Vertigo: DC to consolidate its publishing under...

DC Comics is re-branding all its publishing under the DC brand, and replacing its imprints with labels which reflect a system of age ratings.

DiDio: DC’s new boss wants DC’s character to match expectations

DC's new corporate head has her own vision for the characters.

Bazooka Joe gets a new look

Bazooka Joe, the icon of Bazooka brand bubble gum, and star of countless mini comic strips packaged with that gum, has a new modern look consisting of "a stylish, modern version of his well-known ensemble of jeans, t-shirt, and baseball cap." The new look was chosen in an online voting process by fans, with artists offering up their looks. (You can see some of them here,) The winner was designed by Victor Intrasombat of Clockwork Animation. The new look will be given a renewed push for merchandise and gum pack comics.

DC’s in-story ads only to destroy comics for a month…so far

The facing page Twix ad is only a one-off...but it is enough to destroy the comics industry as we know it?

Can a fan-led branding campaign save Constantine?

When people talk about saving John Constantine, usually it's a hopeless task, as the scouser magician's soul has long been consigned to hell for his many sins on earth. But another campaign to save Constantine is under way—and this time it's fans attempting to keep his TV show going past a 13 episode commitment despite middling ratings.