DC‘s digital home has gotten a refresh. The publisher announced today that DCComics.com has rebranded as simply DC.com, with the site intended as a one-stop shop for all things DC, which now includes exclusive regularly-released video content that will cover not just comics, but movies, TV, video games, and more. All of DC’s social media will also be updated to drop ‘Comics’ from their handles to match the refreshed website, leaving just the fourth and third letters of the alphabet behind.

The updated site homepage features a clear focus on projects DC has coming to the big and small screens, with the current homepage spotlighting Black AdamLeague of Super-Pets, and The Sandman. A navigation bar across the top of the site gives visitors options to check out different areas of the site dedicated to comics, games, news, videos, and more.

Here’s more detail on what new digital content will be featured on the site, per DC PR:

DC.com will expand to include weekly video content ranging from trailers for upcoming releases to look backs at some of DC’s defining moments across all mediums, plus exclusive talent interviews that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, including:

      • Super Scenes – Videos highlighting fan-favorite moments and characters from across DC’s storied history in all mediums dropped every Tuesday & Friday.
      • Tuesday Trivia – Every Tuesday DC Community will host a themed trivia event where all fans are welcome, but even the most loyal DC fan may be stumped.
      • Riddler Wednesday – DC Community will post a riddle every Wednesday for members to try and solve either by themselves or together as a group.
      • DC’s House of Listery – Posted every Thursday, DC.com will curate a new list of essential moments, characters and content for fans to explore, add to and debate.
      • Monthly Deep Dives on everything happening with your favorite characters, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman across the DC Universe.
      • Digital Experiences, including My DC Origin Story, where fans can take part in an interactive story and discover where they belong among the super teams of the DC Universe.

In that same PR, DC General Manager & Senior Vice-President Anne DePies explained the strategy behind the website refresh:

“DC.com is a celebration of everything across the DC Multiverse and we couldn’t be more excited for today’s launch. We are doubling down on DC’s digital ecosystem and there has never been a better time to be a DC fan and with this one stop shop, we’re bringing everything together in one place to easily access and celebrate your fandom.”

I couldn’t not do some cursory UAT of the new site, and a few things jump out at me. Interestingly, that nav bar across the refreshed homepage doesn’t match the one in the DCU Infinite site seen below, which instead features graphic buttons for the different areas available to explore:

I would think the developers would have wanted to standardize that for ease of navigation, and the buttons on DCUI look sharper than the plain text on the main site. Navigating to the shop, to DCU Infinite, or to the community message boards also takes you completely away from DC.com, and the lack of consistency between the nav bars means it’s not readily apparent how to quickly get back to the main site. (And navigating from DC.com to the ‘DC NFTs’ page offers no way back to the main site at all, though why anyone would ever navigate to the ‘DC NFTs’ page is another mystery.)

Also, attempting to sign in to DC.com with my DCU Infinite credentials kicked back an error. I hope that’s just a bug and doesn’t mean users will have to have separate logins for both sites. If that were the case, talk about a bad user experience.

The new DC.com is live now.


  1. This is nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig as long as half of DC is Batbooks and the other half is the DCU trapped in a neverending reboot of itself. Fix the content before you fix how you present it, DC.

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