Syzygy Publishing, the new Image Imprint headed by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood, announced their collaboration with Francis Ford Coppola on a graphic novel tie-in to his upcoming film, MEGALOPOLIS. Jacob Phillips will provide art for Coppola’s graphic novel debut.

According to Ryall, Megalopolis will debut in 2024:

“He’s [Coppola] been writing for decades trying to get it exactly where he wants it to be and waiting for the technology to catch up to what he thinks it should be visually.  And so, he said he wanted a graphic novel component to it. It’s going to be tied into the film in ways that that I think are unique and interesting. It’s not a straight adaptation or anything like that, but it is part of the world he’s creating.”

Wondercon Syzygy panel - Megalopolis

Ryall was joined by writers David M. Booher (Rain), Jordan Hart, and screenwriter David Ebeltoft (Here Alone) to talk about their current and future books with the Syzygy imprint. Syzygy. which according to, means a pair of connected or corresponding things, is Ryall’s attempt to express what he called his and Wood’s off-kilter sensibilities.

Along with Megalopolis, Ryall announced 11 forthcoming titles for the imprint starting with the June 2023 release of TALES OF SYZPENSE. Other titles anticipated throughout 2023 and 2024 include:

  • SELF HELP (Summer 2023)
  • THE DROWNED MAN (Fall 2023)
  • THE CABINET (Fall 2023)
  • A HAUNTED GIRL (Fall 2023)
  • THE LEGENDARY LYNX (Fall 2023)
  • MOONSHINE BIGFOOT (Winter/Spring 2024)
  • TAKE THE FALL (Winter/Spring 2024)
  • SIMON DARK (Fall 2023)
  • BLOOD: A TALE (Fall 2023)
  • MEGALOPOLIS (2024)

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