Saturday’s here, and it brought Weekend Reading 153! Whether we’re holed up in Stately Beat Manor or reporting live from WonderCon 2023, you can bet that The Beat Elite will be doing what we do best: reading!

What are you planning on paging through this weekend? The Beat is waiting to hear from you! Give us a shout-out, here in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat.

AVERY KAPLAN: In honor of William Shatner’s 92nd birthday, I’ll be reading his novel Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden, co-authored with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, another outstanding used-bookstore score by my spouse Rebecca Oliver Kaplan. So far, I’ve only read the “also by” section, but could the writer behind classics like TekLords, Tek Secret, and Tek Money really go wrong? Then, as far as comics go, I’m finally going to be checking out Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America by Box Brown.

Weekend Reading 153
Weekend Reading 153: Miles Morales: Spider-Man.

ADAM KARENINA SHERIF: Avery, I love Box Brown’s non-fiction stuff! I haven’t read Cannabis yet, but Andre The Giant and Is This Guy For Real? were both excellent. Meanwhile, I’ll be reading the recent issues of Miles Morales: Spider-Man. I finally got around to the first issue of Cody Ziglar and Federico Vicentini’s new run this week and this is the best Miles’ voice has ever sounded in the comics for me. The creative team also nailed the essential Spider-Man tensions and themes so I’m excited to see this series develop.

Weekend Reading 153
Weekend Reading 153: Bleach Vol. 70.

DEAN SIMONS: It has taken me years (and a restart or two) but I have now reached the home stretch of Tite Kubo’s 74-volume manga opus Bleach. Currently at volume 70. Can I finish it this weekend?

Weekend Reading 153
Weekend Reading 153: The Warsaw Ghetto in American Art and Culture & Suspect Device.

ARPAD OKAY: I’m reading The Warsaw Ghetto in American Art and Culture by Samantha Baskind. The cover of the book got me: a Jon Bogdanove panel, Superman as Moses leading his people out of danger. So far I have been treated to Arthur Szyk’s Tom of Findland-esqe resistance art “Muscle Jews.” Now, on to the Rod Serling chapter, and using genre fiction to confront blacklisted social issues. Avery and Adam, I haven’t read Box Brown’s nonfiction, but I love his stuff in Suspect Device… maybe I’ll read the ish I picked up at Desert Island

Weekend Reading 153
Weekend Reading 153: Black Paradox & Tomie.

TAIMUR DAR: I may be busy as part of Team Beat covering WonderCon right now, but I’ve definitely loaded my iPad to keep me busy with reading material during the weekend. To that end, I mentioned previously that I’ve been diving into the work of Junji Ito. I’m currently engaged in reading Black Paradox and Tomie.

Weekend Reading 153
Weekend Reading 153: Lost at Sea & Neko Ramen.

REBECCA OLIVER KAPLAN: It’s WonderCon this weekend, so it’s all about purse-sized books. As Avery already mentioned, I stopped by the used bookstore to pick up some reading material while I wait for panels this weekend. I will be checking out Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley and Neko Ramen by Kenji Sonishi. Hopefully, I will be adding to the reading list over the weekend as well!!  

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