DC has unveiled a bevy of new details about the ‘Dawn of DC‘ publishing initiative at a Wondercon Panel this afternoon, featuring guests Tom KingMitch GeradsTini HowardJeremy AdamsDennis Culver, and Morgan Hampton

The panel kicked off with a focus on Tom King, who’s contributing to Batman: The Brave and the Bold alongside frequent collaborator Mitch Gerads, while also headlining his first in-continuity ongoing series since Batman, with Wonder Woman (with Daniel Sampre) and The Penguin. The publisher gave a sneak peak at pages from Wonder Woman and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, while also providing character designs for The Penguin by series artist Stefano Gaudiano (right click to view any image larger in a new tab!).

Pages from Batman: The Brave and the Bold by Mitch Gerads

Pages from Wonder Woman #1 by Daniel Sampre

The Penguin Character Design by Stefano Gaudiano

Unstoppable Doom Patrol from Dennis Culver and Chris Burnham was up next, with the reveal of the character design for Beast Girl, an all new character in the vein of original Doom Patrol member Beast Boy. Along with this, Culver was able to announce that, by fan demand, the series has been extended from six to seven issues, with an extra bonus issue drawn by David Lafuente slotted in as Unstoppable Doom Patrol #4. The first issue of the series is out this Tuesday, March 28th.

Unstoppable Doom Patrol pages by Chris Burnham

The Dawn of DC also appears in next week’s Harley Quinn #28, featuring Howard and series artist Sweeney Boo. The series will follow Harley as she completes community service… by teaching at a local community college. Howard also tempted fans with a look at the future of her Catwoman run, which will soon share some tantalizing connections to Chip Zdarsky‘s current Batman epic.

Harley Quinn pages by Sweeney Boo

Jeremy Adams of The Flash fame was able to speak a bit on his new Green Lantern run, where he’ll be reuniting with Flashpoint Beyond collaborator Xermánico to bring Hal Jordan back to Earth, after the whole planet has been quarantined by the work of the Guardians of Oa, and face-to-face with his longtime foe, Sinestro.

Green Lantern pages by Xermánico

The panel wrapped up with a look at Morgan Hampton’s new Cyborg series, where he’ll be working with Tom Raney to redefine the world of the classic Titan. Hampton was also able to share that he’s being mentored by Cyborg co-creator Marv Wolfman as he continues to work on this series (although Wolfman is not contributing to this mini).

Cyborg designs by Tom Raney

For more news on the Dawn of DC, fans were encouraged to look forward to next weekend’s MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, where Geoff Johns, Joshua Williamson, Simone Di Meo, Mitch Gerads, and Phillip Kennedy Johnson will all be in attendance.

If you can’t attend MegaCon, keep it here with The Beat, where we’ll be sure to stay on top of all the latest news from the Dawn of DC and beyond!


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