A few years ago, Super7 burst onto the scene with their ReAction line of action figures. You’ve no doubt seen them. They look like old Kenner style figures, both in looks and packaging. At Toy Fair this weekend, Super7 showed off their latest additions to the line. New licenses have been acquired, ranging from film & TV to music to sports.

One big new addition to the ReAction lineup is action figures based on Major League Baseball. Super 7 showed off figures based on current and legendary players, as well as mascots! I can see the Mr. Met and Philly Phanatic figures being popular office desk accessories in New York and Philadelphia.

Yogi Berra had not one, but two figures on display.

Jackie Robinson, the first black player to play in MLB is getting his own figure as well.

Motorhead’s War Pig mascot is getting its own figure and it looks so cool! Is a Lemmy figure far behind?

Children of the 80s will be happy to see Super7’s takes on 80s classics Robocop 2 and Teen Wolf.

This summer, Super7 is releasing a set of figures based on Charles Schultz’s Peanuts characters. The prototypes were on display at Toy Fair.

Fan favorite villains The Horde are joining Super 7’s other Masters of the Universe ReAction figures.

You may remember Super7’s NYCC exclusive jack o’lanterns based on Universal Monsters. This summer, Super7 is expanding that line to include both Transformers and Masters of the Universe.

And if you liked the MLB mascot ReAction figures, you may be excited for these candy buckets. Collect your Halloween candy in Mr. Met’s head!



  1. War Pigs is a Black Sabbath song. The “warpig” is Motorhead’s mascot, sometimes affectionately called Snaggletooth. They have a song called that, too.

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