Can you believe The Beat is on the move AGAIN?

It’s true!

This time…it’s a WEDDING.

BTW, how unprofessional is that “Alice Adams — Love Consultant” lettering at the bottom? And what the hell is she going to do with that iron?

We’re not going to say it’s a slow news week — last time we said that, Disney up and bought Marvel. So we’re keeping an eye out for developments! You can’t get anything past The Beat!


  1. That “Bride’s Diary” cover… is it a romance cover, or a crime comic? The look of the bride, the thoughts shown, the cluelessness of the family members… yup… something bad’s gonna happen, because she’s a REDHEAD.

    Meanwhile… down in the basement, beatnik Junior and his nerd friend find success with “Project: BMOC”.

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