Jillian Tamaki


And Gabrielle Bell — this one is an EPIC.

We could have SWORN there was a third…but can’t find it now. Readers?


  1. I especially enjoyed Gabrielle Bell’s… it was a good read, and kind of gave me the “inside” view of the Con…

  2. Both are indie comics creators, one had a great time, one didn’t. 

    How is one comics strip more EPIC then the other? Is it because it takes a negative view of the convention, which seems to be your theme on every post about it.

  3. Perhaps it was the word epic in all caps that made folks think of it more than just comparing by size. Epic in all caps, thinking in Internet terms, could lead one to believe it has more emotional value by quality not just quantity. But it is open for interpretation. Personally speaking, I like them BOTH.

  4. As awesome as Bells strip is, it just makes me kind of sad because we got more con info there than we did from 4 days of coverage by the majority of comic blogs. Including the Beat. Dry bagel anyone?

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