We’ve received an official statement on the changed plans for the roll-out of the new Morgan Spurlock Comic-Con documentary:

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the COMIC-CON EPISODE 4 tour has been cancelled. However, the film will be released April 6 in theaters and on VOD and the good news is that it will now be in theaters in many more cities. Morgan will be making special appearances in many of these theaters and you can check the website closer to April 6 for updates.

Also, as one of our commenters sussed out, the film DOES have a website and a twitter.. As soon as we get any more info we’ll let y’all know.


  1. What does “circumstances beyond our control” mean? Is someone ill? Was there a tornado? This was a very ambitious marketing strategy which crashed and burned before it even began. Morgan Spurlock has to know that this will be the number one question he’ll be asked at his next convention appearance.

  2. I imagine the logistics of such an undertaking were ridiculous. I doubt Spurlock had much to do in the planning… it was probably the distributor working with Spurlock to launch the tour. Speaking from experience with similar situations, I can only imagine that Spurlock is happy to travel all over the planet to promote the film… but that Joss Whedon and Stan Lee are not so easy to wrangle.

    I’m sure Whedon and Lee agreed to do it, but once it was handed off to their “people” it probably became a logistical nightmare for the distributor. Happens all the time. We’ve all heard about the ridiculous appearance fees Stan Lee has been getting from conventions. Do you think his handlers were going to let this go down without a huge payday? And based on how he’s looked at the last few events he’s attended, how could he even do a tour on the road like this?

    As for Whedon…where would he find the time? Doesn’t he have a $200+ million dollar Avengers picture to push? The Avengers opens on May 4th… i imagine that would have to be a priority.

    So…you’d be left with Spurlock and Harry Knowles…and really, is Harry Knowles even relevant in 2012. 2002 maybe… but i doubt he and Spurlock would warrant paying $50 – $60 for a ticket to meet them.

    And the kicker for all this… they were planning to release the film day and date on demand so you could watch it at home… so really, the only justification for paying to see it at one of the venues would be to meet Joss and Stan. Which I was totally willing to do, even though I had doubts that could pull it off.

    So to answer the question by the previous poster “circumstances beyond our control” probably means that Stan and Joss were committed to something that they had no ability to follow thru with, and the distributor (not being in the comic biz), probably had no idea until it was too late.

    That’s just one man’s opinion :)

  3. Whatever it was sounded like a very complicated and expensive promotion…and the movie can be marketed just as well on all these blogs and tweets.

  4. Too bad the tour was cancelled. Can’t wait to see the movie. How about making a movie about hard it is to buy Comic Con tickets? It would be a really depressing movie!

  5. I finally finally saw this movie. I really liked it. I have never been to comic-con proper. In fact the closest I’ve come is SPX. But anyway I just wanted to say, I really dug the heck out of the costuming crew. I was so pumped when they did well, that was just awesome. That group was so freaking talented. man.
    that’s all.

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