Marvel villain, Electro

Oscar winner, Jamie Foxx, is in talks to play Marvel villiain, Electro, for the next installment of Amazing Spiderman. Foxx hinted as such in a Halloween tweet about his costume for the night (via CBR)

In Star Wars 7 rumor mill news, The LA Times reports that George Lucas met with screenwriters months before the Disney deal was announced and did lunch with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia to talk  them about Star Wars 7 like a year ago. In other Star Wars action figure news, the Disney acquisition is only going to be a good thing for collectors, say collectors of Star Wars crap (via LA Times, Zap2it, and EW)

The Simpsons resident plutocrat, Mr. Burns, is endorsing Meat Romney over Broccoli Obama. Video at the link (via Huffpo)

Cartoon Network has ordered new episodes of Annoying Orange and renewed Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball for new seasons (via Deadline)

Bryan Singer is returning to the X-Men franchise to direct, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Collider reports that the movie will adhere to Chris Claremont’s storyline from the 1980’s which alternates between a battle against The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants set in present day and storyline set in the future in which mutants are being held in internment camps. (via EW and Collider)

I am not sure how that Blade Runner sequel is ever going to get made with Ridley Scott now set to direct a total of six “high concept-low budget” feature films in Ireland over the next three years. The films will be of the horror, thriller and sci-fi genres (via Deadline and

2 hot chicks who are both named Jamie are going to be in Sin City 2 (via HeatVision)

Warner Brothers has picked up a dystopian sci-fi spec script entitled Somacell from first time screenwriter Ashleigh Powell that Man of Steel co-writer, David S. Goyer is set to produce (via Deadline)

Last up, the DCU villain, Firefly will be making an appearance on the CW’s Arrow (via Spinoff Online)



  1. Umm, though I’m not always the biggest fan of where he went with his talent or if he’s a nice guy, you should give John Byrne a little more props for “Days of Future Past” as in “Chris Claremont & John Byrne”… for X-men lore , its like leaving out Ditko or Kirby… I remember that issue when it came out and Byrne gave those issues a pop I’ve never seen in comics …He was at his creative zenith then, maybe along with some great FF issues a bit later.

    Claremont deserves his due but Byrne is definitely part of that equation. Those guys probably won’t see any money for it. That’ll go to Bob Iger when he sell more Disney stock for an eighth mansion that opening weekend, then complain about his taxes

  2. Duly noted, @johnrobiethecat. Thanks for pointing out that props are in order for Mr. John Byrne on Days of Future Past.

  3. Nice of you to mention that ;-) It was a pretty cool time for comics so I hope those guys keep get their due for coming up with this… I’m kind of looking forward to it actually. A mixture of comic excitement and future pathos. All I ask is that they don’t overdo it with the tech and effects , video game style that is.

    If the comic & director are an indicator, elements of this movie will be pretty original and provoking . It has the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in one part of it too, which Claremont & Byrne excelled at portraying (add to that the artist Michael Golden , who tore it up in Avengers Annual #10). The public will be in for a treat. Marvel at its best for sure.

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