Here’s an odd one: DC just added a comic to their January schedule that wasn’t in the solicitations that went online on October 15.  It’s another Before Watchmen title, this time it’s a Dollar Bill one-shot by Len Wein and Steve Rude.

Before Watchmen seems to be a mixed bag for DC.  It’s generated considerable ill will in the market, and isn’t exactly setting sales records.  On the other hand, those titles are still top 20 titles for DC (not overall, just on DC’s internal chart) and were still selling over 50K as of September, which beats the heck out of how Phantom Stranger and Sword of Sorcery launched.  And we all know the real test of Before Watchmen will be how the collected editions sell.  Even with the ill will, these titles still could see huge numbers.  Especially if the bookstore and library markets buy in.

As usual, you can’t fault the talent levels involved.  Steve Rude is a name artist, if one that’s been staying away from the mainstream of late, and Wein’s involvement in this has already been discussed to death.

It’s just weird to see this added to the slate 2 weeks after the rest of the January announcements.

It should also be noted that Before Watchmen is theoretically wrapping up in February.  This has practically been an imprint for DC and they’re still dropping new projects like Dollar Bill at the last minute.  Since BF is either the bottom of the top shelf or the top of the mid-list and a good performer, will they be extending this or having another set of titles drop in March to replace the sales?


  1. The Dollar Bill character was a one-note joke on how a costume with a cape was stupid in real life.

    And to think it used to just be only KIND OF an exaggeration when Alan Moore said the companies try to turn every short story, thought, and napkin scrawling of his into a franchise.

  2. I haven’t had any desire to buy these stupid before watchmen books but, damn, Steve Rude rocks so hard DC finally found a way to take my three dollars

  3. This is why I did not like the idea of these books in the first place — I knew DC would milk this for everything it’s worth and come out with as many titles as their greedy minds can conjure.

    It’s one thing to release a prequel story, but to go overboard like this? No, it’s not surprising considering the source (DC) but it doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

    I’m so glad I don’t buy any more books from the “Big Two” save what’s left of the Vertigo line.

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