Confounding those who thought they knew what the identity of the Superior Spider-Man would be, Marvel have announced that top candidate Alpha will be starring instead in his own miniseries next year.

Introduced earlier this year by Dan Slott, Alpha developed powers after a bizarre accident at horizon Labs, where Peter Parker works. After attempting to take the reckless kid on and mentor him, Peter eventually reliased that his only option would be to dampen Alpha’s powers and strip him of his abilities. He was a deliberately difficult character, and fan reaction to him was somewhat mixed.

Hoping that changes in February will be writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Nuno Plati, who will be working on a new five-issue miniseries starring the character. After putting him on an Alpha flight (see my puns and weep!) to Pittburgh, the story will then deal with him as he tries to deal with his new circumstances. Peter Parker will be a presence in the book, but aside from that? The series is closely tied in to the Superior Spider-Man world, and not much can be revealed until then.


  1. Such a simple riddle. A new Spider-Man. Will help sales and warrant a relaunch. New Spidey likes redheads.

    It’s Wolverine in a Spidey suit. Let the rumors fly!

    Interesting to see Fialkov on this.

  2. I say it’s Curt Connors. The Lizard likes things humans like now, but still hates Spider-Man (more than ever, even?), so he’d have the opportunity to besmirch Spider-Man’s name while experimenting with all the things we enjoy (like Mary Jane :D)

    If it’s an O’Hara, it’s a bit out of left-field, but maybe Slott would like that. I don’t know why he’d feel superior though. Whereas the Lizard (or an Octopus-driven Peter Parker) would. But Octopus driving the body of Peter wouldn’t explain the toe-claw… So I guess we’ll see :)

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