Oh gosh, what mystery is this we spy? Some kind of book written by All-New X-Men’s Brian Michael Bendis and Wolverine & The X-Men’s Chris Bachalo, according to Marvel.com. And the teaser word is ‘Uncanny’. Well flip me, how are we ever going to guess what the ‘Uncanny’ refers to?

Yep, the newest Marvel teaser is here! Revealing what looks like a third flagship title for the X-Men, strangely enough. This is almost certainly the book which focuses on Kieron Gillen’s Extinction Team X-Men line-up of Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik, Magneto and Danger. With, I’d imagine some other unannounced characters too, most likely a villain like Exodus. Bendis is used to managing two titles at the same time, of course, having spent the last ten years managing the Avengers this way. It’ll be interesting to see how he manages with seven or so other X-Men titles all competing with him, but he does have all the big-name characters at his disposal.

Ooh! Maybe he’ll throw in some Hepzibah. She’s Cyclops’ stepmother, after all. Uncanny X-Men will come out in February, by which point All-New X-Men will have settled into a monthly schedule, and run alongside the book.


  1. Looks like the announcement I was expecting, though I hadn’t thought of Bachalo–placing the young X-Men and new mutants from All-New firmly in between the philosophies of Scott in this book and Logan in Wolverine & the X-Men. But will it be the Uncanny X-Men or the Uncanny Brotherhood?

    This places all my X-eggs firmly in the Bendis basket, so fingers crossed we get a Bendis at the top of his game.

  2. Avengers Disassembled is from 2004. New Avengers started in 2005. Mighty Avengers was 2007 followed by Dark Avengers, then regular Avengers concurrently with New Avengers. So I think it’s only been 5 years that he’s been doing double duty on the Avengers?

    Now it’ll be interesting to see how many fans Bendis has (based on the sales of Spider-Woman and Moon Knight, not altogether many), or if Spider-Man and, say, Iron Man will become X-Men :p

    At least Bachalo can make the boring talking heads look interesting, so that’s something. But at the same time it’s a waste of his talent to be servicing a lot of dialogue rather than a lot of kinetic action.

  3. “Ooh! Maybe he’ll throw in some Hepzibah. She’s Cyclops’ stepmother, after all.”
    That quote is a perfect example of how far the X-Men have fallen IMO.

  4. Hepzibah was already with Cyclops’s dad when she was introduced in 1977. ;-)

    And Rachel Summers, for example, has been around since 1981. That’s a problem.

    At this point, the X-Men exist because they exist, not for any particular reason. If someone tries to connect the treatment of the Phoenix Force in AvX #12 to the existence and function of the “X gene,” he runs into a logical snarl.

    If the X-Men and other mutants were actually going to evolve, they should have done that decades ago. Writing them as a persecuted minority might be easy, but persecution of any minority has absolutely nothing to do with biological evolution.


  5. I was responding to what I assumed was a comment on X-continuity getting convoluted.

    X-continuity has become so convoluted because, for decades, writers have been trying to come up with things for their mutants to do, but often, those stories have nothing to do with evolution, persecution, or anything in particular. They just have the X-people get into relationships and fight. The X-Men arguably lost their reason for being at the end of the Kree-Skrull War in AVENGERS, when it was revealed that humans generally were evolving.

    AvX and ALL-NEW X-MEN couldn’t make it plainer that Marvel has run out of ideas for things for their mutants to do.


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