You can purchase all 40 issues of David Lapham’s seminal STRAY BULLETS right now from Comixology.

And more to come, including a 1200 page compdium, a new series and the long lost issue #41. Details here.









  1. THANK. GOD. Everything I’ve read from Lapham after he stopped doing Stray Bullets has been an incomprehensible mess. Stray Bullets has always remained brilliant though. Eagerly awaiting this one!!

  2. The first 10 issues of this comic are some of the best comics you will ever find anywhere.
    The following 30 were pretty Damn good too.

    His mainstream stuff, however, was shockingly unimpressive.

  3. I bought 1 or 2 single issues way back in the 90s and liked it, but never followed up on it. Occasionally I’ve thought about tracking down the trades. Now that they’re being republished by Image I’ll get them.

  4. much better than the whole polished noir-pastiche by brubaker. more like dirty, straight, moldy black stuff. glad it’s back.

  5. “You can purchase all 40 issues of David Lapham’s seminal STRAY BULLETS right now from Comixology. ”
    If you like crime fiction or just really good comics you should go get these. Love this series!!

  6. Excited as all hell for the new material, but I worry about publishing two issues the same week, and a single 1200 page book. What’s the price point on that going to be?


  7. It’s strange that they’re collecting the first 40 in one volume.
    Didn’t issue 40 end mid storyline?

  8. I’m sure they’re just trying to get everyone out in one chunk in the hopes that people will buy that and then pick up the next issue.

  9. Price Points are in the previews order form. The 1200 page compendium is listed for the super-reasonable price of $59.99. Save your pennies kids.

    JAN14 0528 CLASSIFIED 1 03/12/14 SRP: $3.50 = $
    JAN14 0529 CLASSIFIED 2 03/12/14 SRP: $3.50 = $
    JAN14 0530 CLASSIFIED 3 03/12/14 SRP: $59.99 = $

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