This is sort interesting because Marvel and DC haven’t been all that supportive of the growing Wizard World convention empire—very, very few publishers exhibit at the shows—so it’s a nice coup for Wizard to be selling variant Marvel merch.

Neal Adams will be supplying new variant covers for Miracleman #1 at Portland Comic Con (January 24-26) and Miracleman #2 at New Orleans Comic Con (Feb. 7-9). There will be subsequent Marvel/Adams related covers at the remaining Wizard shows throughout the year. Of course you must sign up for various VIP level packages to get the color versions, or buy the B&W versions at the Wizard World Store on the convention floor. Quantities per purchase may be limited.

“We are incredibly excited to work with Marvel on these limited variant covers,” said Wizard World CEO John Macaluso.  “Our fans will now have the opportunity to collect the hottest monthly Marvel titles drawn by attending artists at Wizard World shows. This is a huge benefit for all attendees.”

“As Wizard World adds shows across America, Marvel is pleased to be a part of their continued expansion,” said Marvel Entertainment SVP of Sales and Publishing David Gabriel. “We’re giving each cover the all-star treatment. With the biggest creators and the best characters on-board, we want each attendee’s Wizard World experience to be as special as possible.”

Wizard recently added a Reno show to its portfolio (set for November 21-13, 2014) bringing its total number of shows to 16.


  1. you don’t have to buy the variant. you CAN just look at it on websites like this. it’s a great piece of work, imo.

  2. Possibly the worst piece of art by Neal Adams I’ve ever seen, and god knows we’ve seen some dreadful Adams art over the past 20 or 30 years. Is that Miracleman’s right leg or is it (ah-hem) something else?

    Almost as gross as the corporate speak platitudes issuing from the mouths of the Marvel and Wizard spokespeople.

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