Okay, comics just got a little cooler. Elaine Lee and Mike Kaluta have started a Kickstarter to produce HARRY PALMER: STARSTRUCK, a long in the making continuation of their STARSTRUCK storyline.


If you read this when it came out or in the recent IDW reprinting, you know it’s one of the most fantastic space operas ever produced in comics.

Given the fluid nature of all the various versions of STARSTRUCK over the years, it is only fair to ask: “So, what’s in the book?”

• 176 pages of Starstrucky goodness, including 140 pages of sequential art, plus gallery, glossary and special features to immerse you deeply in Harry’s corner of the Multiverse. 
• A terrific science fiction story about what it means to be human, even when you’re not quite sure you are human. 
• 60 pages of Harry Palmer’s 140 page-plus story will be reprinted from the Marvel/Epic Startruck series, episodes #2 and #3, but the pages will be expanded from within with exciting flashbacks of Harry’s former life as a rebel soldier and mercenary “proldier.”
• 80 brand new story pages, detailing Harry’s past—as a rebel fighter in the revolution and a proldier fighting for Cyberforms in the Droid Wars—then taking us further into his very strange future. Yes, 80 never-before-seen pages of Kaluta’s unforgettable art… beautifully painted, if we meet our secondary goal. 
• More action, adventure and intrigue! More dirt on the private lives of androids and clones! The scoop on “Running in Place,” the most popular, most dangerous, and most addictive means of life extension in the Starstruck Multiverse. 
• Your book will be printed in stunning black & white, if we make our basic goal, in glorious, all-new, fully-painted, digital color, if we make a bit more. (Help us find donors, you’ll get an upgraded book and additional rewards. It’s up to you!)
• And so you won’t be kept waiting too long, everyone who pledges enough to receive the book, will also receive PDFs of each chapter, approximately 22 pages in length, as the chapters are finished! 

This book needs to be in color so we suggest giving as generously as you can!


  1. Matthew, sadly international shipping has gone up exponentially so this is a tough reality everyone has to deal with.

  2. I’m with Matthew on this one. As a Canadian I would pay $35 for the book and $20 more to get to my door.

    There is work to be done here to attract foreign investment. Let’s face it, it is not ‘FREE’ to ship a book within the US, (it can’t be!) so it seems that higher foreign postage is subsidizing the cost of FREE mailing to their US donors.

    Another recent kickstarter project, printed overseas, proved to be too expensive to mail to foreign investors. Those who had already donated money did not get a book.

    It is time to do some realistic planning around shipping costs: I suggest they look into foreign bulk mailing rates to a wholesaler, or ask about direct shipping from the printer if they are outside the US.

  3. I’m thrilled to see they’re already over halfway to their goal.

    I live in foreign parts also and, whereas I’m not that happy about paying the $20 postage, I’d rather pay it than miss out on this chance.

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