It was to be a big weekend for Stan Lee at the Big Apple Con.  In addition to his usual signings and VIP meetups he was to have officiated at the wedding of showrunner Michael Carbonaro and model Nina Martinez. However a health issue has forced the 94-year-old icon to bow out, as announced on Instagram and elsewhere.

As we’ve noted here, many times Stan is certainly the world’s most energetic nonagenarian, and he keeps a grueling schedule that would tax people half or even a third his age. He was mixing it up with Todd McFarlane at ECC just last weekend. That he mises a show here and there is not as surpsiing as the fact that he keeps the schedule that he does.

So get well soon, Stan. Mazel tov, Mike and Nina!

The Big Apple Con won’t be without star power however. Jim Lee has stepped in as a last minute surprise guest:

The rest of the show is perhaps one of the most eclectic guest lists of all times, with everyone from Frank Miller to Barbara Eden to Mike Diana to Nancy Silberkleit to Jon Bernthal to The Amazing Kreskin.

Talk about the range of pop culture!

And for those who want to see the rest of this wacky guest list, the Big Apple Con takes place at the Penn Plaza Pavillon opposite Penn Station both Saturday and Sunday.



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