Last week IDW launched a “Creator Showcase” Humble Bundle including 30 Days of Night, The Maxx, Wynonna Earp, Infinite Loop,Locke and Key, Darwyn Cooke’s Parker books,  A Comics Book History of Comics and many more. IN other words, the good stuff. Humble Bundle, you’ll recall, offers a pay what you want digital download system, with higher pledges getting more content.

This bundle has an intriguing extra however, a print edition of Diablo House #1, the launch of a new creator owned series at IDW, written by CEO/Publisher Ted Adams with art by Spanish cartoonist Santipérez and colors by Jay Fotos. Adams describes it as “a throwback to the 70s Joe Orlando edited DC horror comics I grew up reading.” A throwback but with some contemporary touches as you can see below. The comic unlocks with a $25 donation, and comes as a physical comic signed by Adams.

It’s a new way to offer an exclusive comic, as Rob Salkowitz explains here.

The best part of Humble Bundle is that a percentage of all donations go to help charities, in this case Traveling Stories, a small non-profit that Adams is on the board of. Travelling Stories helps empower reluctant readers around the world by getting them engaged with reading, so it’s a very good cause. The Bundle has already raised more than $100K.

Here’s a few pages to preview Diablo House:

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