In the early 90s, nothing was cooler than Ren and Stimpy, John Krisfaluci’s transgressive cartoon about mudskippers and nose goblins. And the space madness spilled over into comics with THE COMIC BOOK an oversized, newsprint comics anthology of comics by the many talented artists ar SpumCo the production company that put out R&W. Now, courtesy of Craig Yoe and IDW, it’s back in an oversized deluxe edition and just in time for all things 90s to be super cool yet again! The book goes on sale in February.

Long out of print and rendered hideously expensive, the insanity of these comics by the creators of Ren & Stimpyand Sody Pop are being collected into a beautiful, deluxe, full color hardback for the first time! That’s right, folks, 160 pages of metaphorically unglued, off-the-wall, kinda-filthy-but-that’s-ok-by-us comics goodness featuring the adventures of beloved characters like George Liquor and Jimmy! This collection even has a never-before-published story! This will be the first timeJimmy the Drooling Numbskull in nutty the Friendly Dump has ever been printed!

Lined with the works of Spumco greats like Jim Smith, Vincent Waller, Mike Fontanelli, Shane Glines, Rich Pursel, and more, this book is a must-own for animation aficionados and comics fans of all stripes!


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