Tuesday’s release of a new Spider-Man: Far from HomeTV spot reveals Peter Parker is, perhaps, the most fashion savvy of any Avenger. In the 30-second clip, Spidey develops a new suit for himself. It riffs on the original in with a minimalist red and black design and appears to be a major departure from his last suit; the high-tech, Tony Stark-created Iron Spider.

The back half of the Far from Home TV spot hints at why Peter may want to distance himself Stark’s gift. He dawns the genius’ famous glasses, giving him access to Friday and, apparently a slew of personal information that would make Facebook blush. So, in the aftermath of Endgame, it looks like Peter is taking up the responsibilities of, or at the very least inheriting, some of Iron Man’s toys. Based on this, it could be that Peter is designing his new suit to prove himself as a hero – and learn how to move forward from his mentor’s death.
The first Marvel movie in a post-Avengers: Endgame MCU, Spider-Man: Far from Home hits theaters in less than a month, on July 2.