Captain Ginger, a comic about cats in space, has its first season trade paperback arriving in comic shops tomorrow.
The book, published by Ahoy Comics, follows a space crew of cats united against a hostile universe. Essentially, humans are gone, leaving in their wake a starship full of cats. It’s equal parts space opera and adorable feline imagery. It’s wild stuff, written by Stuart Moore and drawn by June Brigman.
In advance of the season one trade dropping, The Beat had a chance to send a handful of questions to Brigman. Check out her answers below!
The Beat: Let’s start by talking about cats, if we may. What’s your experience with cats? Are you an owner yourself and if so, my followup is about your cat(s) names…
Brigman: Ok, you had to ask. My cats’ names are, in no particular order: Boop, Betty, Sif, Zelda (after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife), Minnie, Buddy, Kirby, Spanky, and Alfie. Oh, and Emma, after Emma Frost. Yes, I have ten cats. I totally own the crazy cat lady persona.
Captain GingerThe Beat: Cat imagery seems to proliferate and get popular within almost any visual medium, be it ancient hieroglyphics or Instagram videos. What do you think it is that makes this particular animal so captivating to us as viewers?
Brigman: They are lovely to look at, they make such pleasing shapes. They can be quite mysterious too. Like, several times a week, I try to solve the mystery of which of ten cats barfed up the giant hairball I just stepped in. Bare footed, natch.
Captain Ginger
The Beat: One of the (many) things I really like about CAPTAIN GINGER, is it has a perfect balance of sci-fi action and adorable familiar cat gags and panels. How aware of that dichotomy are you when you’re drawing the book?
Brigman: Oh, I think Stuart and I are very much aware of creating stories where our love of sci-fi goes hand in paw with our love of cats. Although Stuart only has two cats. How can anyone have just two?

The Beat: You’ve had such a distinguished and impressively varied career as an illustrator. How does Captain Ginger and working with AHOY! fit with the rest of your work, and what drew you to this project?
Brigman: I’ve never worked on anything quite like Captain Ginger. It’s very different, with a different set of challenges from my usual subjects of children and old ladies. (I also draw a daily comic strip called Mary Worth). Yes, I get to draw cats in bubble helmets, which is awesome. But I also get to work with Stuart Moore, a writer with such a great visual sense that it’s easy to imagine pictures to go with his words.

The Beat: What is the scope of Captain Ginger, do you see this as a project with a long future?
Brigman: I hope Captain Ginger has at least nine lives. I really love these characters.

June Brigman’s real-life Buddy-Cat.

The Beat: I have to also ask you about reuniting with Louise Simonson on POWER PACK. I love that that’s happening and would like to know any and everything you can tell us about that…
Brigman: I’m thrilled that Weezie and I get to play with the kids again. I think I can say that we’re doing classic Power Pack. The story takes place one year after they get their powers. They meet up with some old friends and new enemies and, well, it’s just a lot of fun.
The Beat: What are the chances there might be more Power Pack projects with Louise in the future?
Brigman: There’s a really good chance. ‘Nuff said.
Captain Ginger Season One is available in comic shops June 5 and in traditional bookstores June 18.