Pride Month is here, which means the Lammys have been awarded. Winners of the 31st annual Lambda Literary Awards were announced last night in New York City and comics won big at this year’s awards, with books by Tommi Parish, Blue Delliquanti and Kazmir Lee taking home prizes in their respective categories. Lammys recognize gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender books across a number of categories, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, mystery, erotica, graphic novels and more.

Parish won in the LGBTQ Graphic Novels category for The Lie and How We Told It, a story that follows two formerly close friends who try to salvage what’s left of their decaying relationship following a chance encounter. The official synopsis reads: “They are in for an awkward, painful night that leaves them feeling lonelier, more uncertain, and more estranged than ever before. Parrish’s first graphic novel for Fantagraphics is a visual tour de force, always in the service of the author’s ever-prevalent themes: navigating queer desire, masculinity, fear, and the ever-in-flux state of friendships.”

Delliquanti and Kazmir won in the LGBTQ Erotica category for Miles & Honesty in SCFSX!, an adults-only collaborative comic featuring characters from Delliquanti’s 2014 Smut Peddler story. In Miles & Honesty in SCFSX!, the titular characters attend a space-themed, queer sex party, where they both have a lot to learn.

To see the full list of Lammy nominees and winners, click hereThe Lie and How We Told It is available through Fantagraphics, as well as digital platforms like ComiXology and Google Play. Miles & Honesty in SCFSX! is available physically through Delliquanti’s online store and digitally through