Peter Parker is going on vacation, or so he asserts in the new, spoiler-filled Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer. Five years after Thanos’ snap apparently wiped out him and all his closest friends (convenient, isn’t it?), Peter, Ned, MJ and Flash are going abroad. However, though he may want to ignore Nick Fury’s calls and focus on confessing his crush to MJ, Peter’s still Spider-Man, which means he has a job to do.
In addition to the new trailer, which contains plenty of Avengers: Endgame spoilers, Spider-Man also has an official app, which updated with new tidbits on Monday. The app features an AR suit explorer, gifs and stickers for your own messages, photo filters, trailers and the ability to buy tickets to the film. It also has an entire section devoted to the in-universe contents of Peter’s phone, including his text messages and voicemails.
Although the app is part of the film’s official promotion, meaning we aren’t likely to glean anything groundbreaking from its contents, these features are still neat. And reading text messages, in particular, is a unique way of exploring Peter’s relationships — and his headspace going into Far from Home.
From the new trailer, we know that he avoids Nick Fury’s calls in an attempt to just be a normal kid on a trip abroad with his friends, which backfires spectacularly. In the app, we also see Fury’s attempts to reach Peter via text:

Happy’s warnings to Peter go unheeded, so Fury literally tracks Peter down. That’s low-key unfortunate for everyone, but most especially Ned. Meanwhile, Ned, like Peter, has probing questions about the apparently growing flirtation between Peter and MJ. The latter’s voicemails on Peter’s phone all start with, “Hey loser,” which is kind of perfect.

According to these messages, Ned is still going hard on the bug jokes — in one voicemail, he even asks if Peter and Scott Lang are related, since their superhero identities are both bug-related.
Meanwhile, Peter is insistent that he’s not bringing his secret identity abroad, though as Fury points out in the trailer, Spider-Man has literally been to space. Trying to avoid his costumed responsibilities now doesn’t quite make sense.

You can download the official Spider-Man app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Far from Home hits theaters July 2, but if you can’t wait that long for new Spidey content, this is a good way to pass the time.
You can also pre-order Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel Journal, which is filled with Ned’s and Peter’s travelogues, with assists from MJ. The book is actually written by Preeti Chhibber, with art by George McClements and Stéphane Kardos. The book hits shelves June 4, a full month before the movie hits theaters. If you pre-order and send proof of purchase to Chhibber, you’ll get a signed book plate (U.S. only).

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