We’re back with this week’s positive comics news surrounding COVID-19! More publishers are raising relief funds for retailers and hosting live events and other free entertainment for fans practicing social distancing. The Beat will be highlighting some interesting ones from publishers big and small, so here is your weekend boost of motivation!

§ Gotten through everything in your to-read pile already? Marvel and ComiXology have made a dozen popular Marvel titles available to read for free. Titles include Amazing Spiderman: Red Goblin, Civil War, Avengers: Kree/Skrull War and more!

the amazing spiderman- social distancing read

§ With many people using Zoom for both work and to stay connected to friends, the platform’s virtual backgrounds have been a gift in disguise. DC understood that feature and published landscapes from the comicsverse like the Batcave, Themyscira, STAR Labs and more that you can add to Zoom the next time you feel con-call blues! Download here for free


§ Archie Comics is not far behind either. Download some Riverdale backdrops here


§ Indie comics writer Ellis Bojar published a digital version of his 56-page graphic novel Blood Will Be Blood in 2016 but never got it printed. He announced that starting April 1st (not a prank!), he will be publishing one page per weekday on his Twitter as a diagnosis for ‘new comics withdrawal.’ If you’re into zombies, stories from the Wild West and outlaws, check it out!

blood will have blood- social distancing read

§ British comics writer Dominic Archer who has previously worked on titles like UnityLove in the Time of Wertham and To Leave a Legacy has started a crowd-sourced COVID-19 educational comics project online. Read the latest #6 or send him a DM to write/illustrate some of your own ideas, including social distancing tips!

covid-19 relief comics-social distancing read§ Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is providing resources for retailers impacted by stay-at-home orders and reduced foot traffic to get back on their feet. If your favorite comic book store is going through some tough times, they can apply for financial assistance and rent distancing

§ Comics publisher Bad Idea was set to debut in May 2020 with single-issue comics to be only sold at select comic book stores. Alas! Things haven’t gone the way it was planned but the team hasn’t backed out: although the initial release has been pushed (new release date TBA), they have started an emergency financial relief fund with an initial balance of $25,000 to equally distribute between their first 100 retailers. Give them a boost!

§ Read free Dark Horse digital comics like Hellboy Vol 1: Seed of Destruction, Stranger ThingsThe Orville #1: New Beginnings Part 1 of 2 and more here!

stranger things

§ It’s Alive, an art collective with an online store hosted by Big Cartel (by-artist-for-artist products), will be sharing half the checkout price of their titles with your local comic book store of choice! You’ll find independent titles like Breathers by Justin MadsonRed Range: Pirates of Fireworld by Keith Lansdale, and more.

§ For World Health Day on April 7, gamer and YouTuber Sean McLoughlin is partnering with the United Nations Foundation, United Way Worldwide and Red Nose Day to raise funds for COVID-19 relief #HopeFromHome. Call yourself an artist, gamer, streamer or influencer? Sign up here and join this digital event to donate as you like

§ Humble is offering $1,000 worth of games for a mere $30! The Conquer COVID-19 initiative is a fantastic way for people to continue social distancing and self-quarantine, not to mention the proceeds of this fundraiser will go to charity. Could you be doing more of ‘your part’? No! Expect to find titles like LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 and more!

§ Anybody missing virtual cons? We got you covered: tickets for only £2. One guest you should look out for: A White Walker who goes by the name Ross Mullan

Check back for more updates!