Welcome to the latest Social Distancing Roundup! Publishers and creators are offering support and resources to fans who are staying at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, and every so often The Beat will be spotlighting some of them. On with the latest roundup!

§ TKO Studios has taken a bold step into giving struggling retailers a hand during this pandemic. For a limited time, they’re sharing 50% of all sales with direct market retailers. Simple select the shop you want to support during checkout.

§ Eisner-winning writer/creator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is offering a free La Borinqueña Coloring Book download on his site

social distancing LaBorinquena.ColorBook

§ DC Comics has launched a kids camp that will keep your troop occupied while you’re at work or aren’t. Either way, it’s great to indulge in these stimulating hobbies, and who knows, you might enjoy these yourself too!social distancing dc comics§ Ran out of comics to read, and the next shipment is delayed because of aggressive social distancing? Let’s have you write your own this time! There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your creation come to life, or at least see the light for as long as it can. Here’s writer and cartoonist Matt Kindt demonstrating how to write for graphic novels before an illustrator comes on board.

§ Marvel has released an extensive list of bookstores that are offering services from curbside pickups to shipping. This list is definitely missing some of the more local stores throughout the US, but it’s a start: from Isotope Comics in San Francisco, to Sanctum Sanctorum Comics & Oddities in Michigan, to Comic Swap in Pennsylvania, find your local comic shop and get going!

§ If you’re an illustrator/writer based in UK who’s been affected by the pandemic, you can apply for an emergency fund via The Society of Authors Grants for up to £2,000. Make the most of your WFH situation minus some of the stress of trying to make ends meet.

§ Psst… you can do the same via PEN America! Only available for writers, this grant goes up to a max of $1000.

Check back for updates later this week!